Vortex Link

Product Summary: 
Internet-wide Real-Time Data Sharing via the Cloud and the network's edge

Vortex Link provides universally accessible Routing and Discovery Services that enable ubiquitous and transparent data sharing and WAN connectivity for Vortex DDS systems or any other system/device that uses a compliant Data Distribution Service (DDS) software stack. Vortex Link provides transparent discovery and routing between data readers and data writers regardless of location. Vortex Link supports a number of different deployment and connectivity scenarios, including individual device to cloud, system to cloud and also connecting your different LAN’s to turn them into a single system.

Vortex Link enables the distribution of data, services, storage and applications to the edge of the network much closer to the devices and users as a way to complement and optimize traditional cloud architectures. Keeping the data at the edge of the network where the connected devices are creating the data offers the possibility to create new and innovative services and process efficiencies not possible with cloud computing alone. Keeping data at the edge makes your system (1) resilient against communication interruptions to the cloud, (2) reduces latency enabling more real-time activities and (3) makes it easier to deal with privacy and/or security concerns.

Key Benefits

  • Key enabling technology for cloud (SaaS, PaaS and DaaS) and edge service providers
  • Vortex Link supports Internet wide data sharing for any DDS compliant application (Including 3rd party applications)Try PrismTech Vortex Software
  • Enables "plug and play" integration and data sharing between different parts of a Vortex DDS IoT system
  • Scales elastically as system grows (e.g. as number of connected devices increases)
  • Supports both hardware (e.g. BigIP) and software load balancing (e.g. DNS or user defined plugin)
  • Deployment independent of cloud infrastructure - can support private, public and hybrid clouds
  • Boundary Security with TLS based security, certification-based authentication and access control rules defining the privileges nodes and subsystems have to read and write data
  • Information-centric security model which is supported by a modular security framework

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