Vortex Café

Product Summary: 
Real-time Data Sharing for Mobile and Java Centric Internet of Things Devices

Vortex Cafe diagramVortex Café brings the Data Distribution Service (DDS) to Java™-centric systems including mobile devices powered by Android. Vortex Café combines the benefits of the Java programming model with real-time data sharing to enable users to bring next generation Internet of Things (IoT) applications to market more quickly.

Key Benefits

  • Java-5 PSM (API) for simple and safe programming and exceptional productivity
  • Seamless interoperability and integration with the other Vortex products
  • 100% Java DDS-version for J2SE (including Android)
  • Enables real-time mobile communications and Java-centric systems

Key features

  • Only DDS on the market designed for Android
  • The DDSI protocol stack is optimized for mobility and Android OS
  • Pure Java implementation version targeting J2SE JVMs
  • Member of Vortex family of IoT products for end-to-end (Device-to-Device; Device-to-Cloud-to-Device) data management capability

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Vortex Café is designed for J2SE environments and Android OS.

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