Our Vortex DDS experts are talented individuals that combine widely recognized technical excellence with an in depth knowledge of one or more application domains. This unique combination ensures that PrismTech consultants are able to "speak" in the language of the target domain, deeply understand its challenges and constraints and ensure that technology is best applied to the problem at hand.

Our exceptional pool of talent includes experts, with decades of experience, in the areas of Defense and Aerospace, Transportation, Smart Cities, Energy and Utilities, Industrial Automation, and Financial Services.

We provide a set of pre-packaged consulting offering that are designed to support your system development during the various stages of its life-time. Along with these pre-packaged offerings, our consultants are available for ad hoc engagements for facilitating or de-risking technology adoption, architectural studies, architectural assessment and reviews, etc.

For further details about any of our Vortex DDS consultancy services or to book a consultant please Contact Us.