Professional Services

Our Professional Services Organization (PSO) was established with one goal: to enable our customers and partners to deliver innovative solutions "on-time", "on-budget", and "on-quality". Through our 15+ years of experience, We have established and refined a service framework and a project management methodology, namely Solution 9001(SM), covering the entire life-cycle of all customer projects, regardless of size, scope, and duration.
Our service offering provides all you need to support and catalyze each stage of your project by means of training, workshops, and consulting. PrismTech services are delivered by highly-valued world-class consultants, including world-renowned technology and domain experts, and are available in 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Arabic). In addition we also provide a full set of support services for our Vortex products.

For further details about Vortex DDS Professional Services please Contact Us.

  • Training

    Vortex Internet of Things IoT Data DistributionT Service DDS Training

    We offer a broad range of training courses to help Customers and Partners optimize the staff learning curve for our Vortex DDS products and related technologies.

  • Consultancy

    Vortex Internet of Things IoT and Industrial Internet IIoT Consultancy

    Our Vortex DDS consultants are able to "speak" in the language of the target domain, deeply understand its challenges and ensure that technology is best applied to the problem at hand.

  • Workshops

    Vortex DDS Internet of Things IoT and Industrial Internet IIoT Workshops

    We provide a rich set of pre-packaged Vortex DDS Workshops aligned with the typical life-cycle of a project.

  • Support

    Vortex Internet of Things IoT and Industrial Internet IIoT Support Services

    Vortex DDS support is available at different levels to meet your needs, ranging from standard support to 24x7, 365 days a year.