Smart Cities

Vortex DDS is a key proven technology solution used to meet the multifaceted requirements of real-time urban space management in Smart Cities.

Imagine a truly interconnected city. A city where emergency services are navigated along the fastest possible route and traffic is directed out of their path. Location based services that adapt dynamically to meteorological changes. Traffic management systems that reduce congestion and pollution. Waste management systems that update the city on waste levels enabling on-demand waste collection. Signaling systems that ensure safe and timely transport. Environmental sensors that provide real-time data on air and water quality, to monitor pollution levels. Utility meters that predict and ease peak energy usage. All of this is possible in a Smart City.

Most major cities in the world are built upon systems that are decades or even centuries old, and these systems are unsuitable for rapidly increasing populations. Whether it is insufficient road  /parking spaces or water systems that struggle to meet demand, these old systems need to be brought into the 21st century. There are two ways to do this: implementing new systems, and improving the efficiency of current systems. A Smart City utilizes a combination of both. By deploying a wide variety of sensors, every aspect of the city can be monitored and analyzed. These sensors relay any type of data imaginable: temperature, humidity, position, light intensity, water content, waste levels, traffic flow, etc. Having all of this data available in real-time enables a Smart City to discover patterns, adapt, and improve overall quality of life.

Classically basic human needs are defined as: clean environment, physical and economic safety, work, and access to resources. Today many people suffer from shortage of these primary needs. Rapid population growth compounds the problem, Smart Cities provide solutions.

Today with the help of superior analytics and computational power, we are able to access and analyze vast amounts of networked data. This availability of rich information drives service innovation; improving quality of life for residents and fostering a productive environment for business.

Since the dawn of civilization, energy (in one form or another) has been vital to growth. A Smart City realizes that energy is a finite resource, and as such efficiency is vital. Utilizing sensors around the city and working with energy suppliers and industries within the city, peak usage can be reduced and efficiency improved. PrismTech's Vortex product suite allows for scalable communication in real-time, this results in a Smart Grid of devices capable of regulating energy usage. A truly Smart City will know when you leave your home for work or when a factory is not producing, and shut off non-essential power. Vortex provides superior real-time data sharing, allowing unlimited numbers of devices to be connected and regulated. Vortex has a proven record within mission-critical systems, including energy management systems.

Rising population, urbanization and technological advancements have driven innovations in transportation. Transport plays a key role in travel, commuting, trade, etc. The current challenges of ensuring safe and timely transport can be tackled by the usage of smart transportation systems. Smarter transport systems use the data available from sensors on vehicles and around the city; re-route traffic avoiding congestion, inform commuters about available parking spots, analyze traffic patterns resulting in a reliable transport service. Smarter transport systems also encourage commuters to use public transport by providing on demand and accurate information of arrival / departure times. Vortex powered transport systems optimize their services by providing real-time information to commuters regarding the best possible route and means to travel. The deterministic real-time features of Vortex eliminate unpredictability resulting in efficient transport systems delivering the right data, at the right time, to the right place. Vortex has a proven record with transportation systems such as air traffic control and management, railway network management and metropolitan traffic management.

The finite aspect of natural resources is well documented. The only way to preserve our environment and conserve our resources is through efficient and effective use, and recycling of waste. Smarter waste management systems deploy sensors in on-street disposal units which alert the system to determine the most efficient / timely waste collection patterns. Vortex plays a key role in the efficiency of these waste management systems. Its data centric approach allows the waste management systems to be interconnected and interoperable across a wide spectrum of data models ensuring quality information is being shared.

Vortex DDS facilitates ubiquitous access to real-time data from a variety of sensors, enabling every aspect of the city to be monitored and analyzed. The availability of rich information helps drive service innovation; improving the quality of life for residents and fostering a productive environment for businesss.  In summary the Vortex DDS product suite enables a city to be: greener, adaptive, intelligent, safer, reliable, and efficient. To become a Smart City.

As an example Vortex DDS is being used for Smart City Services in the French City of Nice.

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