IT and Networks

Vortex DDS meets the data sharing needs of IT and Networks by providing a real-time link between the edge, the cloud and mobile.

The proliferation of both Enterprise and Public networks is driving the growth in the equipment required to support new networking functions; switching, routing, load balancing etc. Vortex DDS provides a proven standards based solution to support the integration, monitoring and management challenges faced by Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) and their customers.
The emergence of Software Defined Networking (SDN) architectures is driving a new approach to designing, building and managing networks that separates the network's control and forwarding planes to optimize both. Vortex can be used to enable a loosely coupled data-centric architecture for the Southbound APIs providing control (including provisioning) and monitoring for the Network Elements (NEs), as well as for the implementation of the Northbound APIs used to communicate with the applications and business logic sitting above the network controllers. In addition Vortex can be used to enables loosely coupled interfaces between components within the network equipment (switches, routers). Advanced Vortex features such as the Durability Service can be used to support efficient configuration and provisioning of new network services and optimized equipment re-start following shutdown or failure.

Software Defined Networking Framework

The Software Defined Networking Framework

The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the explosion in machine connectivity is driving the evolution of a new generation of IoT Gateways which are used to securely connect legacy industrial devices and next-generation intelligent infrastructure to the IoT. They integrate technologies and protocols for networking, embedded control, security and manageability on which third-party applications can run. They make data flow seamlessly and securely between edge devices (fog layer) and the cloud, and make it easier for businesses to manage data and deploy analytics at the edge.
Vortex DDS can be used on next generation IoT Gateways to support a number of different functions including:

  • Provide interfaces to support control and monitoring of an IoT Gateway. Specific functions include provisioning of new applications and devices, alarm monitoring and fault detection.
  • As the data normalisation later within the IoT Gateway, sharing real-time data between the applications running on the Gateway.
  • As a native Data Distribution Service (DDS) interface between the IoT Gateways and the devices, facilitating the ingestion of data directly from the devices using DDS and the DDSI protocol.
  • As a native DDS interface that can be used to share data in real-time between IoT Gateways (to enable device-to-device connectivity) and also to share real-time data with cloud-based system.
  • As a multi-protocol data ingestion solution (Vortex Gateway), supporting interfaces that can interoperate with a range of device specific protocols (MQTT, CoAP etc.) and also interface to connect and share data with other Gateways and cloud-based backend systems, using a variety of different messaging protocols (MQTT, AMQP, JMS etc.) and Web technologies (HTTP, REST, XMPP, etc). 

Vortex DDS can be used to support a complete data-centric architecture for IoT systems, helping to liberate the data from the devices and distribute it in real-time to where most value can be derived.

Featured Clients

  • Fujitsu

    Vortex OpenSplice Selected by Fujitsu for 1FINITY Networking Platform.

    Vortex OpenSplice will help enable a data-centric provisioning framework for new Fujitsu product.

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