Healthcare and Medical Devices

Vortex DDS enables a patients data to be securely shared in real-time between healthcare professionals and other clinical information systems via the cloud and using mobile technologies.

Huge advances in medical devices, especially connected and mobile devices, are being driven by the need to provide wider secure access to healthcare services, offer greater convenience to both patients and clinicians, and most importantly reduce healthcare costs. Using medical devices that are connected remotely requires fewer doctors who can serve more people with greater efficiency. The proliferation of smart medical devices is creating a new set of challenges with respect to how networks of devices are integrated together and how they can support the goal of interoperable real-time data sharing.

DDS in Healthcare Medical Devices Connect

The secure transfer of real-time data between medical devices, such as a patient monitor, and other information systems is critical in a clinical environment. Connecting medical devices over a computer network (which can be wired, wireless or mobile) can eliminate the need for manual data entry and the potential benefits include faster and more frequent updates, diminished human error and improved workflow.

The Object Management Group's (OMG) Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS) is an open middleware standard that enables scalable, real-time, dependable, high performance and interoperable data exchanges.

Vortex OpenSplice is the leading (open source and commercial) implementation of this DDS standard.

A key tenet of Vortex DDS product suite from its inception has been to deliver "the right data to the right place at the right time." In healthcare this means delivering a high quality, scalable, low-latency, real-time information patient care solution that is capable of linking healthcare staff, patients, information systems and medical devices in diverse geographical locations. This in turn delivers improved performance, data quality, data compliance and at the same time reduces costs.

Vortex OpenSplice is a proven solution for the real-time data and information sharing requirements of healthcare and medical devices. For example it is being used to:

  • Provide an interoperable solution for medical device data sharing
  • Support the efficient integration of medical devices and healthcare information systems
  • Manage a medical device by providing access to technical data from a device in order to locate, troubleshoot or maintain the device
  • Provide real-time data sharing between software components on the same medical device.

In summary Vortex DDS provides a proven solution for the secure transfer of real-time data between medical devices and other information systems, critical in a clinical environment.

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