Vortex Edge PMQ

Product Summary: 
Fully Integrated IIoT Hardware, Data Connectivity and Predictive Analytics Solution.

Many organizations lack both visibility and predictability into their asset's health and performance. Vortex Edge PMQ uses data collected about the asset to minimize unplanned downtime, predict the best time to perform maintenance on a monitored asset, uncover process deficiencies that can affect product quality and identify the root causes of asset failure.

Vortex Edge PMQ BrochureVortex Edge PMQ leverages the best in class Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) edge computing, connectivity and predictive analytics technologies. This powerful integrated hardware and software solution uses IBM's Predictive Maintenance and Quality (PMQ) analytics platform, ADLINK's Intel-based Smart Gateway, Industrial Server hardware, and Vortex real-time data sharing platform to provide real-time device-edge-cloud connectivity.

"The Vortex Edge PMQ turnkey approach to industrial connectivity and asset maintenance can be 30% more cost effective than alternative solutions"

Vortex Edge PMQ serves asset-intensive organizations in a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and defense, chemical and petroleum, manufacturing, consumer products, electronics, energy and utilities, government, travel and transportation, and telecommunications. The solution scales easily and employs a distributed analytics architecture to handle monitoring tens of thousands of Things each continuously streaming multiple data points to IBM's PMQ predictive analytics that has been optimised for individual assets or groups of assets in order to:

  • Extend asset life
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Optimize maintenance schedules
  • Lower parts and inventory costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improve product quality
  • Improve production yield
  • Fewer warranty claims

"Predictive maintenance is the top use case driving IoT market growth through 2020" - Forbes

Vortex Edge PMQ consists of the following main elements:

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  • Smart Gateway - based on Intel® Quark™, Intel® Atom™ and Intel® Core™ processors, ADLINK's Matrix family of IoT Gateways enable real time edge analytics and local decision making.
  • IBM PMQ - advanced analytics enable predictive maintenance and asset performance optimization to minimize operational downtime and maximize productivity. 
  • Industrial Server - based on Intel® Xeon™ processors, ADLINK's ruggedized SETO-1000 platform hosts the pre-integrated IBM PMQ application.
  • Vortex Intelligent Data Connectivity – Vortex provides real-time peer-to-peer data connectivity based on the Data Distribution Service (DDS). It enables data from many different sensors and protocols to be ingested, normalized and distributed in real-time to the edge analytics and the IBM PMQ server.  Vortex is pre-integrated on both the Smart Gateway and Industrial Server.

Vortex Edge PMQ Introduction Graphic

Enabling Asset Optimization

The Smart Gateway can ingest real-time data from instrumented equipment using a range of sensor protocols (Modbus, ZigBee, WiFi for example) and can transfer it to the IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality (PMQ) analytics. The PMQ analytics platform is delivered as either an on premise appliance using ADLINK's Seto Industrial Server technology or as a set of Virtual Machines (VMs) to support simplified cloud deployment. Predictive models produced by IBM PMQ can be executed either at the edge on the Smart Gateway using real-time data from the asset or on the PMQ Industrial Server. Vortex provides secure and reliable real-time data connectivity, integrating the multiple data feeds from the equipment and sharing the data with the IBM PMQ server or with other Smart Gateways. Vortex is also used to deliver predictive model updates to the distributed Smart Gateways. 

To illustrate the benefits for predictive analytics, consider the importance of a cooling system's efficiency in industrial applications. Figure 1 compares a running chiller (green dots) to an aggregate history of healthy chillers (blue line). The Smart Gateway pulls the data directly from the running chiller and feeds it into IBM PMQ.

Vortex Edge PMQ Energy Effiency Graph

Figure 1 - Energy effiency analytics

Since the chiller is operating outside of the normal tolerance – in this case showing high energy consumption – operation is far below its optimum level. Vortex Edge PMQ can automatically notify technicians of the problem and accelerate system adjustments to improve the performance of the assets.

Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence

By integrating real-time data, IBM PMQ enables predictive analytics to become prescriptive actions. Results are presented in easy-to-navigate interactive dashboards, visualization templates, and reports.  They can be delivered to your preferred mobile device, as well as to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems where work orders can be launched based on predictive insights.  Results from IBM PMQ such as the PMQ scoring model can also be deployed to a Smart Gateway on the edge to reduce failure rates or predict maintenance. The Industrial Server receives data from one or more Smart Gateways for continuous improvement of the scoring model. Updated scoring models can then be redistributed to the Smart Gateways using the Vortex data connectivity layer.

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