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Latest - ADLINK Launches IoT Digital eXperiments as-a-Service to alleviate high costs and risks.

ADLINK Launches IoT DXSVortex Edge makes the Internet of Things (IoT) simple by guaranteeing that your data is made available, where it needs to be, precisely when it needs to be there and in the correct format.

The IoT has the potential to deliver game changing advantages to those companies that can use data about things (assets, places and people), to refocus how value is created and captured in their business. Whilst in principle, the idea of taking data from things and sending this to a platform (e.g. cloud) where analytics can be performed and insight derived to enable transformative actions sounds relatively easy, in practice this has proven not to be the case. Fully deployed IoT solutions require a significant up-front investment and the industry success rate for an IoT project is typically only 26% according to a recent IoT study.

There are many reasons why IoT implementations have proven challenging including:

  • The convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT)
  • Concerns about security, privacy and ownership of data
  • Increased likelihood of failure due to taking on too much too soon, a lack of realistic evaluation criteria, significant technical challenges (incompatible protocols, scalability, etc.) and an expectation of immediate success due to the up-front investments needed
  • The human factor is also a critical aspect that often gets overlooked, from a lack of a senior executive sponsor and use of jargon that is not easily understood by all stakeholders, to minimal engagement with all stakeholders to understand what success looks like

The potential returns that can be made from successful IoT implementations means that despite the high stakes, companies cannot afford not to engage with these technological developments or they run the risk of being left behind by the competition; at best playing catch up and at worst out of business. 

Vortex Edge helps you to minimize the risks in the journey to a successful IoT implementation, by directly addressing the challenges mentioned above.

Get your IoT project up and running quickly with a Vortex Edge Digital Experiment - Contact Us for more details.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Making IoT Simple
  • Connect the Unconnected
  • Stream Anywhere
  • Control the Edge
  • Easy and flexible integration
  • Secure data availability
  • Open and vendor neutral architecture
  • Scalable, high performance, fault tolerant connectivity