Support Lifecycle

Customer Commitments

We recognize that many of our customers have program support needs that extend for many years; sometimes for a decade or more. Our commitment is to provide professional product support at commercially reasonable prices for as long as our customers need our service.

As we continue to innovate and invest in our products, we encourage our customers to upgrade to current releases.  We commit to make any upgrade as straightforward and pain-free as possible. We strive to ensure that wherever possible product features are preserved to ensure compatibility and interoperation between versions.

Extended Life Support

We recognize that our customers' program constraints may mean that they are unable to stay current with our product releases. For this reason we offer Frozen Version Support and Extended Support & Maintenance services to provide security of supply for as long as may be required.

Major Version Releases (e.g. a transition from v5.x to v6.x) typically occur every 12-24 months. Full Support & Maintenance for superseded releases is available (at regular rates) for 12 months after a new Major Release. After this 12 month period, Extended Support & Maintenance becomes available; including back-porting of critical fixes.

Frozen Version Support is a customer specific service that is available on any current or superseded supported release. As the name suggests, Frozen Version Support is for a specific code version deployed on the customer's target platform (i.e. operating system and processor combination). Typically, only customer reported issues will be investigated on frozen versions.

Support Lifecycle

Vortex OpenSplice Version Upgrade Policy

In most cases, a Vortex OpenSplice major release introduces major functional additions to the product and/or high-impact changes to existing functionality. These changes could be syntactic and/or behavioral changes on existing DDS API’s. A major release is always accompanied by a migration guide detailing the DDS API changes and, in the case of behavioral changes, will contain recommendations on how to either 'mimic' the old behavior or 'migrate' towards the new behavior

Wire-protocol interoperability is guaranteed ‘within’ a major release (i.e. for all minor releases), however interoperability between major versions is a design-goal rather than a guarantee as there can be evolutions in the wire-protocol specification(s) and/or its implementation that would demand upgrading to ‘the same’ major release. The release-notes of each major release will clearly indicate when a new major release is NOT backwards-compatible with the previous one.

Our technical account management and support teams are there to help our customers to plan migrations and identify any potential compatibility issues that may arise.

End-of-life and frozen version support information is available in your Customer Portal or contact our support team for further details.

These programs are flexible to customers’ requirements and details can be provided on request. Please Contact Us for further details about Extended Life & Frozen support.