PrismTech Releases Major Update to Spectra DTP4700 Software Defined Radio Development and Test Platform

29 July 2015

PrismTech Releases Major Update to Spectra DTP4700 Software Defined Radio Development and Test Platform

Wideband, high performance, baseband and RF platform enables the development of next generation military, homeland security and commercial Software Communications Architecture compliant waveforms

Spectra DTP4700 v3 SDR SCABoston, MA, USA – July 29, 2015 – PrismTech™, a global leader in software defined radio (SDR) solutions, today announced the release of a major upgrade to its market leading Spectra DTP4700 Software Communications Architecture (SCA) compliant SDR Development and Test Platform.

Spectra DTP4700 v3 adds significant new capabilities to the platform to support SCA waveform application developers.  These enhancements include a new suite of SCA compliant platform components based on the Joint Tactical Networking Center’s (JTNC) standard SCA Radio Services and Devices APIs.  Spectra DTP4700 now includes implementations of the SCA Audio Port Device, Ethernet Device, Serial Port Device, GPS Device, Frequency Reference Device, Timing Service, and Vocoder Service APIs.  The Spectra Radio Services and Devices package provides a standardized API to the radio hardware, which is essential for the development of portable waveforms.  The package can be purchased as an optional add-on to the base Spectra DTP4700 system.

In addition to the existing SCA FM waveform example provided with the system, Spectra DTP4700 v3 now includes a new SCA compliant data carrying waveform example, including source code and waveform model that can be used in conjunction with the Spectra CX SCA modeling tool.  A new Packet Service which enables components to send and receive network packets to and from a network interface and was developed to support the data carrying waveform example is also provided.

Spectra DTP4700 is an optimized, small form-factor platform with low power consumption which is ideally suited to the Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) constraints of next generation Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) SDR environments.  The Spectra DTP4700 is a Linux based platform that comes complete with the SCA 2.2.2 compliant Spectra Core Framework, CORBA®-compliant Spectra ORB middleware, and SCA platform device software.

Available in either 30MHz to 1.6 GHz (DTP4700L) or 400 MHz to 4 GHz (DTP4700H) Tx/Rx frequency range configurations, Spectra DTP4700 is fully supported by PrismTech’s market leading Spectra CX tool for SCA component modeling, code generation and compliance validation.

"The new additions to the Spectra DTP4700 platform make this a great environment for the SDR community to kick-start their SCA development projects," said Dr. Vince Kovarik, Spectra SDR CTO, PrismTech.  "SCA developers will really benefit from this comprehensive, easy to use, single vendor, fully integrated COTS solution."

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