Industry Leaders PrismTech, ADLINK, IBM and Intel to Host IoT Innovation Day on June 9 in San Jose

27 May 2016

Industry Leaders PrismTech, ADLINK, IBM and Intel to Host IoT Innovation Day on June 9 in San Jose

Registration underway for event designed to provide new strategies to companies developing and deploying IoT Systems and Edge Computing

IoT Innovation DaySan Jose, CA, USA – May 27, 2016 – Four companies playing lead roles in the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) are coming together on an event to share strategies, key insights and lead open discussions on helping businesses embrace the benefits of IoT computing on the edge — paving the way for the shift from the “connected device” to the “intelligent device.”

Industry leaders PrismTech, ADLINK, IBM and Intel will present the IoT Innovation Day on June 9 at The Tech Museum of Innovation, 201 South Market Street, San Jose, California.

The event will detail how Edge Computing is changing the way IoT systems are built; enabling a new generation of low latency, intelligent analytics that can process and act on “intelligent” device-generated data in real-time.

Among the keynote speakers for the IoT Innovation Day are PrismTech Founder Keith Steele, IBM Global Innovation Executive Rob Risany, Intel IoT Group Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Brian McCarson, ADLINK CTO Jeff Munch and PrismTech Chief Solutions Architect Toby McClean.  Presentation topics will address the changing IoT landscape, the impact of Moore’s Law on IoT and computing on the edge.

"For attendees, this is an exceptional opportunity to arm their businesses with cutting-edge strategies and insights into IoT systems and edge computing," Steele said.  "This will help elevate these companies to the next level of IoT computing."

In addition to the presentations and open discussions, IoT Innovation Day will also feature a live demo and panel discussion related to use cases, testimonials and partnering.

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