DDS Community

The DDS Community Edition project exists to support the Open Source Data Distribution Service (DDS) developer and user community and to encourage their involvement to speed DDS innovation. For information on our Commercially Supported DDS implementation please see Vortex OpenSplice and the Vortex Software Downloads.

Genuinely free. Genuinely Open Source.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Deployed in the most challenging business and mission critical systems
  • One of the fastest, most scalable and most reliable genuine Open Source integration technologies
  • Genuine Open Source Apache License Version 2.0
  • Single-process / Standalone deployment
  • DDSI2: Proven interoperability with other DDS implementations
  • A rich set of QoS policies for controlling efficiency, determinism and fault-tolerance
  • Support is only available for the Vortex OpenSplice commercial edition
  • Vortex OpenSplice commercial edition is available for 30 day evaluation