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The Defence Information Group

The Defence Information Group, based in the School of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide, conducts research into the challenges of building large, complex distributed systems required in Defence. One challenge of large systems is to ensure the functional system specifications of processing and network performance are achieved while at the same time the non-functional properties of space, weight and power are optimized. In this research performance measurement and prediction is achieved through modeling the system behavior and interactions and observing the execution on several alternative deployment environments. The execution environment can include a range of machines from high performance IBM blade servers through to low cost single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi. Utilizing a middleware such as the Data Distribution Service (DDS) enables a distributed system to be modeled and executed on a wide range of hardware. By using OpenSplice DDS, large and complex distributed systems can be designed using many different hardware configurations, operating systems and middleware combinations. Such a broad range of deployment environments is essential to the groups current research into software architectures, model-driven engineering and distributed systems design.

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