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ITT Selects Spectra Tools for JTRS-Related SDR Application Development

ITT Corporation has selected the Spectra Tools for the development and deployment of software-defined radio applications. ITT, a major military contractor involved in the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program and the developer of the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW), will use Spectra Tools for waveform and platform component design, code generation and to verify portability, code accuracy, and Software Communications Architecture (SCA) compliance.

Today's news comes on the heels of similar announcements by PrismTech regarding military radio OEM uptake of Spectra Tools in the USA and Europe. PrismTech has numerous significant design-wins in major programs and with radio OEMs.

Spectra Tools support SCA application porting to multiple target platforms, which can feature a variety of Core Frameworks and Real Time Operating Systems. In addition, the tools allow for reverse engineering of existing waveforms, forward code generation of SCA infrastructure code, and the SCA compliance testing of ported waveforms.

"Spectra Tools are an ideal fit, and a highly productive tool kit for ITT’s JTRS work," said Rita Murray, director, software engineering at ITT/ACD.

Spectra Tools are designed to deliver the functionality needed by radio engineers for rapid application development (RAD) and testing of their wireless applications by hiding, not focusing on, the IT complexity. The tools deliver greatly enhanced SDR developer productivity — in terms of both time and code quality — through advanced model driven development and domain-specific language technology. The result is lower complexity, superior code correctness and enhanced robustness. Also, tool interoperability is facilitated through the packaging of Spectra Tools as Eclipse Framework 'plug-ins,' thus supporting seamless workflow with other Eclipse-based tooling.